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To Nas or not to Nas?

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User Info: bossyman15

3 years ago#1
I'm trying to decide if I should buy a Nas server (Synology). My main use for it will be to store dvd rips and steam them to Raspberry Pi. I will be the only person who will use it. I will also back up some stuff onto the Nas.

I will also be doing online backup, backing up the Nas and my computer. However I may had a second thought. Why spend money to buy the Nas mainly to watch movies from it when I can just use DVD player to watch it and just back up other stuff online?

So I need your advice. Is there any reason why shouldn't I purchase the Nas server for reasons other than watching movies from it.
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User Info: schadow

3 years ago#2
If you can afford it you don't need a good reason.
MageofBlood391 posted...
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#3
Nas lost
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User Info: Knight2520

3 years ago#4
Why not look into building your own NAS rather than buying one?
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User Info: PraetorXyn

3 years ago#5
you'd be better off building your own media server.
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User Info: UberLurker

3 years ago#6
Depending on the model of NAS, some are "hackable" in the sense that you can access their OS and mod them to do much more than just host files.

I have a D-Link DNS-323, which runs Linux, and here are some of things I use it for:

- DLNA server... naturally.

- Print server... shares my printer to all machines in the house.

- DNS server... names are much more fun than IP numbers for my LAN devices.

- Web server... since the NAS is on all the time its perfect for hosting (lightweight) web pages.

- Web cache server... not sure if it really speeds things up that much but the concept is cool.

- SSH server... I love this for remote access, I just SSH into the NAS with my phone, then I can send WoL packets to any PC at home so I can RDP to them.

Its a handy little device, and all for just ~15 Watts (Kill-a-Watt tested)... but I also understand that not everybody places value in fluff like this.
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