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Starfox plus Starwars = ?

#11happyscrub1(Topic Creator)Posted 10/9/2013 12:19:53 PM
ShadowThaReaper posted...
sonicteam2k1 posted...
who cares? he likes it, so what???

It's a terrible game.

Someone needs a hug.
Never forget.... Building #7
#12Nagisa_ShinjuPosted 10/9/2013 3:32:58 PM
So looks like it's just PvP... Kind of strange since all of the space missions prior have been PvE. Oh well, it's free so it's worth a try, but I bet that this will be severely limited for free players. Hell, free players won't even see it until next year.

Time gating a friggin' patch. That's low...really low.
#13mrCubePosted 10/9/2013 5:21:39 PM
Lord_Xandros posted...

This would be Star Wars TIMES Star Fox, not plus