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Need some budget build help

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3 years ago#1
I am the head techie of my highschool's newspaper, and my editor-in-chief has decided that we need some more computers. She gave a soft budget of $1000 for three computers, though I definitely push it up if need be.

The computers should only be handling Internet browsing and word processing, so they don't need to be monsters. They just need to be capable. We can either build or purchase the computers, depending on which is best.

On peripherals, we would need OS's for all the computers, but we do have two monitors, as well as two sets of mice and keyboards.
3 years ago#2
pre builts are going to be the cheapest for low demanding task.....if building cheap AMS APUs are your friend
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3 years ago#3
Do you happen to live near a Micro Center?
3 years ago#4
Unfortunately no. No micro center anywhere near us.
3 years ago#5

$325 for that one (with Windows.)

That's pretty much as low as I can get it and be confident that it won't...explode.
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3 years ago#6
Do you need Microsoft office too?
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3 years ago#7
How much can you increase the budget by?
3 years ago#8
Sorry. Yes, Microsoft Office is necessary, and... I'm not sure how much we could get away increasing the budget, but I'd say maybe around $300. It depends on how needed that is.
3 years ago#9
Can't the school's IT department get better discounts for you?
3 years ago#10
I wouldn't recommend building pcs if its being paid for by the school or someone else. There is that small liability issue of anything bad happening. Better to just buy prebuilts just to have your butt covered since the warranty is for the whole entire system and much easier to explain to the principal in case something bad do happens.
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