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anyone use Sangean Black EU-55 Headphones? (worth getting for $15?)

#1metriodfan2Posted 10/9/2013 7:06:46 PM
Sangean Black EU-55 3.5mm Connector Full Size Stereo Headphones

currently on sale for $15. i'm wondering if this is worth getting. i've tried googling the brand but nothing really comes up for their headphones. really want these for skype, music, and games.

Color Black
Driver Unit 40mm
Frequency Response 20Hz–20KHz
Input Impedance 32 ohms
Sensitivity 113db +/- 3db @ 1mW
Connector 3.5mm
Weight 4.3 oz.
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#2TheC0ndemnedOnePosted 10/9/2013 7:09:21 PM

Ask them. They'll probably have more to contribute.
#3Kokuei05Posted 10/9/2013 7:26:10 PM