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Gaming laptop around $400?

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User Info: phy2jsh

3 years ago#21
Yeah you geniuses all just got trolled.

User Info: ReturnOfSocks

3 years ago#22
A $400 laptop will be plenty capable for those games listed,mostly because the max res would be like 768p even an AMD APU will run well.
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User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

3 years ago#23
ReturnOfSocks posted...
A $400 laptop will be plenty capable for those games listed,mostly because the max res would be like 768p even an AMD APU will run well.

I think it would actually run at the mythical 144p
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User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#25
I have no clue why people think they can pay dirt cheap prices for computers and have any expectations.... I mean $400 is about as cheap as it comes for a laptop unless you buy refurb or a really old model...
You can buy a $500 console and a $500 computer and have two crap machines, or you can spend $1000 building your own computer and have the best of both worlds.

User Info: Osteoporozis

3 years ago#26
Preposterous things about this:

#1: "Gaming Laptop"

#2: "Do my shopping and research for me"

#3: the signature

You don't buy a $400 laptop for gaming, you buy a $1500 laptop for gaming at non-maxed settings until your hardware is outdated a few short years later.

You buy an $800 desktop and game on it for two generations of consoles, at maxed settings until near the end. That's what I suggest at least. Even if you don't want maxed settings it will last you longer and cost you less in the long run. Go to a local PC store and tell them what you want, they will build it for you, just don't get bled for extra money.
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User Info: fakewars

3 years ago#27
It's horrible how people here consider ignorance as attemp of trolling
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User Info: Skul_

3 years ago#28
TimePharaoh posted...
DontNou posted...
Alex, I'm trying to start a troll topic. Stop destroying my credibility here. - hypersonic2000

User Info: analogman

3 years ago#29

check out the 13 inch one.
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User Info: MasterOfHunters

3 years ago#30
From my experience, A10 5750 with discrete gpu will play most games respectively. HP has a model for about $730 and it comes with 1080p res screen to boot.

If you can't afford that, going with A8 without discrete gpu is under $600. It'll probably play skyrim at lower res and medium settings. This is probably the bare minimum. If you can't afford $530ish+ tax, your only option is to go back to Broodwars and Diablo 2.
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