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Any tips for antivirus ?

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User Info: gamesisgood

3 years ago#1
Built first pc last night and it came with the normal 60 days norton i dont plan to install ... i have downloaed windows security essenials but is there a good free antivirus available.
I have never really dabbed into antivirus too much because common sense normally overcomes but if there is one available that is worth it i would love to protect this investment... thanks alot
The Dude abides.

User Info: RolloverBouncin

3 years ago#2
Pair the Windows essentials with malwarebytes for removals and add in superantispyware for deep malware scanning. Thats what I use mostly but instead of windows essentials I use webroot secureanywhere for the super fast web blocking sites that are red flags sometimes.

As always the best protection is common sense. Been virus free for 7 years.
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User Info: ShadowGomamon

3 years ago#3
Well sometimes you can't avoid catching a virus, if she doesn't tell you beforehand.
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