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Good EXTREMELY light gaming PC?

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2 years ago#11
"The Video Card is a 1GB NVidia 610"

Can that even be considered a "gaming PC"?
2 years ago#12
Better get a labtop
gamers paradise
2 years ago#13
no such thing as a labtop computer
^ this
2 years ago#14
Fade2black001 posted...
BendoHendo posted...
For extremely light, you'll want a netbook.


You on crack? Netbooks for gaming? Do you really like to give false info all the time? An Ultrabook will be the choice here.

People were being sarcastic, relating "Extremely light" to the weight of the machine. Try braining sometime.
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2 years ago#15
To answer the topic question, no. Not even. That thing is junk in every regard. Ignore it.
Want that Shield!
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2 years ago#16
extremely light gaming... i get it, now.
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2 years ago#17
TheFeshPince posted...
extremely light gaming... i get it, now.

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