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GTA V coming to the PC

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User Info: TropicMoon10

3 years ago#11
I really hope they won't be lazy with optimization. It'd be sad if a modern day PC will have trouble getting better performance with a game that's running on decade-old hardware.
-TropicMoon - as humid as a summer's day on triton

User Info: Lemur_H

3 years ago#12
NfuzedXGamer posted...
happy its taking its time cuz GTA online will be smooth by then.

Too bad the online is the bad part of the game.

User Info: NotQuiteAFreak

3 years ago#13
TheFeshPince posted...
NfuzedXGamer posted...
GTA online will be smooth by then.

I'm not holding my breath. Also, the GFWL and Rockstar Social Club are going to really p*** me off.

That would be the ultimate trolling. :S
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Started 13/4/2010
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