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Why doesnt every game ever made come to PC?

#21TeenmanPosted 10/12/2013 7:04:39 AM
JackTheRimmer posted...
Boge posted...
If they're made on PC, then why are their bad ports? I don't get it.

because most of them are not made on PC

Yeah, they are programmed on a calculator and the art is drawn with crayons.
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#22DV8ingSourcesPosted 10/12/2013 7:55:34 AM
1 main reason.

Consoles have static hardware and games are designed around that hardware. It costs too much time and effort to have a game made compatible on pc to be worth it. The scene is changing now though where it is becoming profitable to do so. Its still requires more work, experience, and testing to be done and plenty of companies just aren't setup to do so.

Crying about a bad port? Take Saints Row 2 for instance. A LOT of work went into converting what was designed for a console, to be playable on many different computers. That was a botched attempt by our standards but it still took a ton of time and effort. Seems they had no testing budget though or perhaps ran out of money/experience to fix the found problems.

Porting isn't just copy paste and hit play.
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#23arleasPosted 10/12/2013 8:03:04 AM
From: DV8ingSources | #022
. Seems they had no testing budget though or perhaps ran out of money/experience to fix the found problems.

Or they could be like Bethesda and just didn't care because they figured some modders would fix it eventually.

The only time I can remember a patch for a Bethesda game was when it was prepping it for incoming DLC. Maybe they did and I just didn't notice it, but judging from the way the game played sometimes months after it came out, I doubt it.

I believe in the case of SR2 they did eventually fix most of the problems with the port via a mod (Gentlemen of the Row?) though I played through most of the game with nothing but a speed fix since the game ran too fast for me. The only other major bug I remembered was having the screen go black after a certain cutscene and if I skipped the cutscene it was no problem.