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I finally transitioned to the dark side. (Apple)

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User Info: animanganime

3 years ago#21
You got the rMBP then TC, good choice, one of the best laptops ever made.
I recently got my wife an Acer S7 13", 2 SSDs in raid 0, IPS 1080p screen, touch screen, extremely thin and light, but the scaling in Windows 8 is so bad when the screen is small, and the touchpad is years behind Apple's equivalent.
WC i5 2500k @ 4.4 ghz, 2x GTX 670 DirectCU II, Samsung 830 128GB SSD, 16GB G.Skill 1600 DDR3, Zalman 1000W PSU, Cosmos 1000 Case, HP LP3065 @ 2560 x 1600 IPS

User Info: kjellboy

3 years ago#22
Perhaps I should join the dark side too? I got absolutely no need for one. Windows covers everything I use anyway.:p
| Mobo: Asus P8Z68-V Pro | CPU: Intel i5 2500k | GPU: Asus DirectCU II OC GTX 680 | RAM: 8 GB | I know that the motherboard is a bottleneck.

User Info: EStar999

3 years ago#23
TheWayOfTheGun posted...
Am I a hipster?

Nope. Apple became mainstream in the late 00's and I've seen plenty of programmers use MBP's.

Although, I'm sure programming feels nice when you're doing it on a pretty little computer.

User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#24
Boge posted...
Hypnotizer posted...
Yes indeed. Welcome new apple head.

I have both an imac and a PC.

My pc is for gaming only. Thats what its best for.

I use my mac for music creation/graphic design/surfing.

Love both for what they do.

But I went a bit apple cray cray when I first got the mac. I swear to god I was trying to convert everyone. It is a bit culty.

Apple "cray cray"?? Damn! That's the dumbest term I've ever heard. I don't see how anyone would ever wan't to use it.

Still nowhere near as dumb as phablet
If they asked how I died tell them: Still angry.

User Info: Benjamin_Button

3 years ago#25
Macbook Pro Retina i7-3840QM @ 2.8GHz | Nvidia 650m 1GB GDDR5 | 16GB DDR3L Ram | 750GB Flash Storage

User Info: nIMr0D888

3 years ago#26
No ethernet port?

User Info: Pepys Monster

Pepys Monster
3 years ago#27
Super_Thug44 posted...
lol apple

Haven't ever given that company even a penny and don't ever plan on it. But to each his/her own.

i5-3570K | AMD 7850 1GB | 8GB DDR3 1866 | ASRock Z77 | Intel 330 240GB | 2x2TB HDDs | Antec 650W 80+ Platinum | Windows 7 | Blu-Ray combo burner | Asus Xonar DX

User Info: fallenswords

3 years ago#28
why spend the premium for apple when its the same as windows laptop that you wipe and install ubuntu...
A Mod/Admin replied on 8/28/2011 10:09:48 AM:
Katawa Shoujo changed my life.

User Info: Dragnfyr

3 years ago#29
Why did you get a retina Macbook Pro when they are releasing new ones later this month?
MacBook Pro with Retina Display | 15.4" 2880x1800 | Core i7-3615QM @ 2.3GHz | 8GB DDR3 1600MHz | GT 650M 1GB GDDR5 | 256GB SSD | OSX 10.8.5 | Windows 8 Pro

User Info: gamerdude555

3 years ago#30
One word Hackintosh

oh and I like labtops
gamers paradise
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