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SSD benchmark results pretty bad...

#21ShebeskiiPosted 10/12/2013 8:13:32 PM(edited)
Spacewhizguy posted...
He's on SATA III. Those numbers aren't possible on SATA II. He also can't read very well, apparently.

Regardless of SATA II, his write speeds are pretty poor. The reads aren't what concern me so much.

What's your SSD model TC? I'm not sure what I missed, either.
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#22Devil_wings00Posted 10/12/2013 8:26:34 PM
Some drives just age poorly. I have two mushkin chronos that I bought a couple years ago and when I bought them they were performing to specs but now? They are a full 100MB/s slower then they were when I bought them even under ideal benchmarking scenarios.

My intel 335 and my Crucial M4, which are both closing in on a year old, haven't suffered any performance loss at all and in the case of the M4 have gotten even faster (firmware updates). So it's pretty drive dependent. I was under the impression that samsung was one of the better drives available though. I suppose it could just be your motherboard having crappy sata chip set as well. You know like plugging your drives in the intel powered sata slots VS. the third party chip set slots such as marvell on a board.
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#23LookANinja(Topic Creator)Posted 10/12/2013 8:32:29 PM
Its a Samsung 830

Motherboard is an ASrock M3A770DE