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If you don't have integrated graphics, does your CPU ever process video?

#1ajko000Posted 10/13/2013 5:48:50 PM
I'm curious, because I have an independent GPU, my NVIDIA Card, and I was wondering if this takes the load of the CPU, or does it just handle the heavier stuff?
#2El_KazPosted 10/13/2013 5:55:12 PM(edited)
Laptops can switch between integrated for power saving and discrete for heavier loads.
Desktops don't really need the power economy so by default it'll always be on the discrete GPU.
Wait... what?
#3WerdnAndreWPosted 10/13/2013 5:58:03 PM
Depends how your video decoders are setup.
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#4DoramiPosted 10/13/2013 6:48:25 PM
I was under the impression that videos are by default CPU decoded, with GPU acceleration support being rather spotty at best.
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