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So is the MS surface tablets been a success or a failure ?

#11rusty12000Posted 10/14/2013 2:57:22 PM
Windows 8 in general is an epic fail
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#12electroflamePosted 10/14/2013 2:58:35 PM
From: rusty12000 | #011
Windows 8 in general is an epic fail

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#13ElfergosPosted 10/14/2013 3:10:12 PM
Like every MS consumer device, a relative failure, another example of the me too culture of Microsoft. The only device they have that is considered a success is the xbox360 and.... Well.... Yknow.... Console gamers etc
#14cainism25Posted 10/14/2013 4:20:17 PM
I love Win 8. :) nubs
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#15_GRIM_FANDANGO_Posted 10/14/2013 4:21:34 PM
Kind of a failure. Shame, I was excited about x86 on tablets.
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#16nIMr0D888Posted 10/14/2013 4:22:28 PM
They make a great company computer, but I wouldn't have one for home.
#17steveboblarryPosted 10/14/2013 4:26:39 PM
rusty12000 posted...
Windows 8 in general is an epic fail

#18Mega_TyrantPosted 10/14/2013 4:38:37 PM
I don't know what the financials surrounding the Surface looks like but from a user perspective I like the Surface Pro 2. I definitely agree that it's more of an enterprise class product. Your typical consumer doesn't need the level of productivity.
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