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Duplicate files

#1OdygamesPosted 10/14/2013 9:33:32 PM
I want to compare 2 folders and their sub-folders.
When a duplicate file is found in the 2nd folder, I want to delete/move the sub-folder the file is in. Not just the file itself.

I've tried maybe a dozen "Find duplicate files...." programs but I didn't find anything to help me.
#2Odygames(Topic Creator)Posted 10/14/2013 9:37:05 PM
Forgot to say the OS is Windows 7 64.
#3TimePharaohPosted 10/14/2013 10:01:57 PM
DupeFiles Gone. 3.8 is the latest stable version I think
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#4arleasPosted 10/14/2013 11:50:15 PM
or this

Some of those may be programs you have to pay for, some of them may be programs with a free version and a paid version...I've never used any of these and the only time I've ever really needed such a program was when I discovered that installed games on steam leave behind a lot of clutter, and that's what this program is for:

It basically just looks through your steam folder for leftovers from installs and removes the extra junk. Saved me a few gigs worth of space.
#5Kerr AvonPosted 10/15/2013 8:45:01 AM
I use the free vesion of Doublekiller

it's great, though I don't know how it compares to other programs as it does what I want so I've never needed to try any others.
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#6Odygames(Topic Creator)Posted 10/15/2013 7:30:01 PM
I've tried all these programs but I didn't find this specific feature I need. Thanks anyway :)

The closest thing I found is to be able to open each folder, a duplicate file is in, then I delete everything in the folder. Unfortunately I have to do this one by one folder. Then I'll have a bunch of empty folders that are easy to find and delete.

Probably a command line or powershell script can do the job. Can someone help with this...?