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Wow, $6.28 for the Humble Bundle? F that

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2 years ago#101
OrgeLambart posted...
already 6.16, give it a few days and it'll be like 5.50.

That's what I'm talking about!
Stop taking exactly what I'm saying and repeating it as if its exactly what I said because it is. -Cryptospuridium
2 years ago#102
lionheart5656 posted...
Snadados posted...
Steamster posted...
Life's unfair, kid.

Get used to it.


I'm going to use that next time someone asks me to give money to a charity to help the less fortunate.

Less fortunate = the weak.

Survival of the fittest.

Helping keep these people alive and kicking is holding back the potential of the human race.

Better to leave dead weight behind.

Being born in a less fortunate country makes you weak? -_-
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  3. Wow, $6.28 for the Humble Bundle? F that

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