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any other programs like fraps?

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3 years ago#1
hello, i am interested in recording some WoW sessions and some of my other favorite games as I want to learn video editing and things of that nature.

Fraps works very well, the quality is amazing.. but seriously 4 gigabytes for 30 seconds of video?

and as far as i can tell theres no way to shrink this size without drastically reducing quality.

Any other video capture programs that have decent quality but dont have insane file sizes?

i cant imagine how long it would take to compress 500 gigs worth of video lol
3 years ago#2
MSI Afterburner
Are we not men?
3 years ago#3
There are lots but the best free one is probably MSI Afterburner. Other free options include OBS (Open Broadcast Software) and Xfire, pay options include Bandicam and Dxtory.
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