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XBox Smartglass

#1Rexdragon125Posted 10/18/2013 1:37:10 PM
I start up my PC one day, and find that Smartglass has been added to my Start screen. I guess Windows finally detected my 360 on my home network and decided to help me out. I heard that you can use it to control your 360 from your PC, so why not give it a try? I plugged in my wired 360 controller and started the app, thinking that it would stream video to my PC and I could control it with my controller. My 360 is in another room. Now I could be all sorts of lazy and play my 360 without leaving my desk! Because how else would this work on a tower PC without a touch screen? Boy was I wrong.

Connecting to my 360 was painless. The main screen gives you a view of your games and other ads, of course. There's a grey rectangle that reads "Control your 360." Cool. I click that, and am presented with a screen like this:

Except I have a 24" NON TOUCH SCREEN monitor. What. I have to CLICK the buttons to do anything. Even if I did have a tablet, this is probably the worst controller layout I could possibly imagine. Of course the controller plugged in does nothing. I hear my XBox playing music from the other room. My random button clicking started up Spelunky, and that was my only confirmation that it was working.

I went over to shut off my XBox and then promptly uninstalled Smartglass.

What an unmitigated disaster of an app. Even if I did have a tablet, I could not imagine using this. I know Windows can detect when it has a touchscreen, and when it's running on a mobile PC. And Microsoft in their infinite wisdom, decided to automatically install it anyways. They have gone completely ape**** bananas about this touchscreen bullcrap. I'm pretty sure their executives are just completely neurotic for touch screens.
#2Rexdragon125(Topic Creator)Posted 10/19/2013 10:44:10 AM
Update: Oh god of course it's back, I think because I turned my 360 on while my computer was on. How do I get rid of this? :(