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Looking for a more mechanically technical (gameplay wise) RPG

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2 years ago#21 you're looking for a "complex" turn based game?
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2 years ago#22
System Shock 2.

You could say it's:

1/3 RPG
1/3 Shooter
1/3 Survival Horror.

You can train a variety of skills, like hacking, repairing, modifications, even improve your stats, at the same time you have to survive, save ammo and stuff.
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2 years ago#23
Hi C posted...
D&D: Temple of Elemental Evil


ToEE is the most mechanically/technically complex (char build/tactics), along with the other 3.xers like NWN, NWN2 and IWD2.

Next inline is Jagged alliance 2 and Silent Storm, then Baldur's Gate 1/2

Planescape: Torment has complex dialogue mechanics

Fallout 1/2 have complex and meaningful char building options

note that complex doesn't mean complicated, all those games can be played by anyone possessed of a degree of inelligence (which discounts 99% of PCH posters, but whatevs.)
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2 years ago#24
the last remnant has a lot of non-sense going on far as i remember
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2 years ago#25
Aarklash: Legacy
Never forget.... Building #7
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