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Cleaning LCD screen with a microfibre cloth

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User Info: temgun

3 years ago#1
So I was stupid and wiped the screen when the monitor was still on. Is there any harm in doing so? The screen seems fine.

User Info: myztikrice

3 years ago#2
Nope, you're gonna have to throw it in the trash now.
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User Info: samurai1900

3 years ago#3
I clean my 2713HM while it is on all the time and it is displaying a white fullscreen wallpaper to make it as clean as possible.

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User Info: MrBombasticaI

3 years ago#4
As long as no moisture got into the actual display part of it, no.
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User Info: vashtricham

3 years ago#5
Should be fine just be careful when cleaning pto much pressure can cause clouding like white areas on your screen
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