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So, are you a "palmer" or a "finger-tipper?"

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2 years ago#31
The very worst technique I have seen is my mother, while at work she holds a pen in between three fingers, jumping between paper notes and the computer which is extremely fast, useful and skilled but it looks like her fingers have been broken and splinted together.

It is no wonder that she is starting to get arthritis.
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2 years ago#32
Whichever my girlfriend is in the mood for
2 years ago#33
I palm that mother****er like it's trying to get away.
2 years ago#34
Claw, working fine with G500. Sure took getting used to though.
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2 years ago#35
I'm in between. I keep my palm on the mouse, but I slightly arch my fingers on the middle of the mouse, so I still feel comfortable and still have the tips of my fingers going down on the mouse button
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2 years ago#36
Palm unless the slidey keyboard/mouse tray of my desk is in and I don't feel like opening it up to navigate YouTube or something comparable. I can fit my fingers beneath but not my whole hand. If I'm gaming I'm definitely palming though.
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2 years ago#37
strongo9 posted...
Only my palm and fingertips touch my mouse. The rest of my fingers do not.

Pretty much this for me as well.

Thumb and my pinky/ring finger grip the sides of the mouse, palm rests on the back, and my index/middle finger arch slightly over to rest toward the front edge of the two main mouse buttons.
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