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Weird 'play times' being shown by Steam

#1leon_trunksPosted 10/20/2013 11:47:58 AM
Steam shows that I've played many games in my library for 90+ hours when I haven't played any of them at all. My account isn't compromised because I wouldve seen those games being listed in my 'played recently' list.

So what's the deal? Why am I shown that I've played Universe Sandbox for 100 hours when I only ever played it for a few minutes the summer I bought it.
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#2SlashmanSGPosted 10/20/2013 11:52:28 AM
I've been getting that too, since the last update. Before that it didn't show play times at all. Hopefully we'll find a happy medium soon.
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#3KaiRyusakiPosted 10/20/2013 11:53:09 AM
Old news.

Your play time is still accurate in your profile.
Dont worry about the time it says in your library.