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Tower Defense recommendations

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User Info: Oldschool_DBZ

3 years ago#11
Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!
Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!
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User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

3 years ago#12
Gemcraft Labyrinth is one of my favorites. You don't even need the premium version to put in 10s of hours.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#13
HE are genius, firstly. - ASlaveObeys
....**** you TimePharaoh - KillerzOverHere

User Info: kelemvor

3 years ago#14
I think Defense Grid is a great example of the genre. Defenders Quest takes the core mechanics of the genre, and adds RPG elements.

I haven't played Plants vs. Zombies but it seems to have a good reputation.
Kelemvor Lyonsbane

User Info: ggf162

3 years ago#15
Defense Grid: The Awakening
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User Info: Superemppu

3 years ago#16
I hate sanctum, The level 1 turrets become absolutely useless in like 3 waves, only stuff that you keep upgrading does anything.

Orcs must die games are very good though, the 2nd one in co-op even more so. Also a second vote for Bloons TD series.

Defence grid is good too.
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User Info: Asellus

3 years ago#17
Defense Grid (pure td), Defender's Quest (RPG'ish), Orcs Must Die (Actionish).

User Info: Ivany2008

3 years ago#18
Desktop Tower Defense, its free online

User Info: lionheart5656

3 years ago#19
mrbunny88 posted...
Dungeon defenders

That WAS a great game before they went insane with DLC.
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User Info: AlleRacing

3 years ago#20
Nah, it's still pretty great.

Another recommendation for Dungeon Defenders.
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