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Tower Defense recommendations

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3 years ago#21
Defense Grid: Awakening
Orcs Must Die
Orcs Must Die 2
Dungeon Defenders
Plants vs Zombies 1
Tower Wars (just got an update that added Singleplayer)

Shad'O and Sanctum are also TD games, but not as good as the others I listed
3 years ago#22
Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne maps above EVERYTHING
Dungeon Defenders
Plants Vs Zombies
Orcs Must Die
3 years ago#23
Toy Soldiers is pretty good
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3 years ago#24
Kingdom Rush
Cursed Treasure
3 years ago#25
Oldschool_DBZ posted...
Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!
Cursed Treasure: Level Pack!

Gonna second these. Really good ones that keep you hooked for awhile. especially if you wanna 100% everything.
3 years ago#26
i enjoyed the 2 iBomber defense games
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3 years ago#27
frozen throne tds are pointless now. Theres no one to play with as 99 percent of the game is run by bots.

If blizzard could do something about the bloody bots then it might be a decent game to play again
3 years ago#28
Iron brigade is awesome, wish people still played it
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