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Are you enjoying the stanley parable?

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3 years ago#31
r0ge00 posted...
I watched a Markiplier video of it. I might buy it on sale some day.

I love you for mentioning him. He deserves more subs. He's actually more talented than the more popular youtubers like pewdiepie.
When I'm Miqo'te
3 years ago#32
I am immensely tempted to buy this game, but I'm not sure I can justify spending 11.99 for ~2 hours of entertainment >_>.
Warning: EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE! Keep away from populated message boards.
3 years ago#33


No choices.

Narration vs program. Choices vs indoctrination.

What could it mean?
I'm A Man of Principles, Damn Near Invincible
3 years ago#34
I probably would be if I had it.
Fight Science with Wood
3 years ago#35
So I went to look at a playthrough of stanley parable by markiplier and...

What is it with youtube let's plays and guys who overreact and scream about everything?

"Oohh! OOOH!! A DOOR!! I Think I'm going... no wait i'm going to .... No I'll go over here... YES! YES! I am GOING HERE!!!!!!"

Is that supposed to make it better?? I guess if you're competiting with Pewdiepie it does since he does just about the same thing only with more girlish screams :I

I guess this is why I don't generally subscribe to (or spend a great deal of my time watching) youtube let's plays.

But on topic: I bought the game first and tried the demo 2nd...but the demo is fantastic for being exactly what a demo should be: a way to experience the game without spoiling anything from it, and in a way it turns into extra content...I'd say if you have played the demo and you weren't impressed, then you should definitely not buy TSP.
3 years ago#36
^ Markiplier has a great radio voice that he wastes doing that s***.
Fight Science with Wood
3 years ago#37

The point of the ''Stanley'' parable is that Stanley is playing a Chess game against the narrator.

Play it. challenge the Narrator. And we'll see who breaks The Game first.
I'm A Man of Principles, Damn Near Invincible
3 years ago#38
From: SlashmanSG | #036
Markiplier has a great radio voice

Yeah, I agree he could probably do some voice over work or something, but I guess it's easier to overreact and scream on youtube for youtube partner money.
3 years ago#39

Apparently the devs (and the narrator) are on reddit doing an AMA... it's going on right now.
3 years ago#40
ShadowThaReaper posted...
Super_Thug44 posted...
inb4shadowthereaper or whatever the hell his name is starts *****ing about it


To answer the question, nobody is enjoying it, because it's only 20 minutes long, and everyone has already beaten it.

Ahh, the little guy couldn't figure out even basic things about the game. Go away little troll, almost this entire topic shows you are wrong. Get over it.

Also the Confusion Ending was......odd.
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