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IndieGala Red Faction Bundle

#1TheC0ndemnedOnePosted 10/21/2013 12:44:33 PM

Didn't see any other threads on this

Price is locked at $3.99 for the first 8 hours
#2KidInTheHallPosted 10/21/2013 12:55:24 PM
Cool bundle, I just paid the $1 as I had everything but Red Faction 1 & 2.
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#3Orestes417Posted 10/21/2013 12:58:37 PM
First two for a buck is tempting, even though there's almost zero chance I play them till december
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#4Carbon_DeoxxysPosted 10/21/2013 1:03:02 PM
why should i buy this?
#5Ch3wyPosted 10/21/2013 1:05:26 PM
Carbon_Deoxxys posted...
why should i buy this?

If you buy it you will have access to 4 Red Faction video games.
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#6Carbon_DeoxxysPosted 10/21/2013 1:10:05 PM
oh wait... apparently I already own Red Faction: Armageddon.

Must have gotten it in some other bundle before, now I definitely dont see a reason to get this.
#7Marioface5Posted 10/21/2013 2:03:44 PM
I bought it, but now my "profile link" just leads back to the sale page. Also it's kind of weird that there's no accounts or anything for this.
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#8MahoganyTooth92Posted 10/21/2013 2:28:43 PM(edited)
1 and 2 are ok, Guerilla is like the only proper game about smashing stuff up. If you like knocking down buildings or blowing stuff up, it's the perfect game. I hated armageddon. Took all the best parts of Guerilla and shoved them into a crappy third person shooter.

EDIT: Seems like others liked Armageddon. Just feel the need to point out that this is my opinion before I start a flame war. >I< hated Armageddon. Not saying its an objectively bad game.
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#9Orestes417Posted 10/21/2013 2:14:50 PM
Armageddon was a vastly better sequel to 1 and 2 than Guerilla ever was, Guerilla just happened to be the better game.
If they asked how I died tell them: Still angry.
#10cody4783Posted 10/21/2013 2:22:24 PM
First was pretty good. Played it randomly a few months back--Looking past it being an "Old" FPS game, it's still mechanically solid.

Never played the second.

Guerrilla was a WTF. Eventually beat it, but damn was that game dull. Amazing destruction physics and incredible weapons...You get 4-20 shots for (If you buy all the upgrades), and then have to either return to base or go to a non-replenishing ammo cache. Spent a good portion of the game using crappy assault rifles because I couldn't be arsed to RTB for ammo after every conflict. And honestly I just found the scale of the map, compared with how much actual STUFF there was to between point A and be very lacking.

Armageddon was a weekending thrill that I absolutely adored. "Structured" (Yes, more linear) gameplay with a HECK of a lot better pacing, and more in line to being a proper sequel to RF 1 and 2. Same great destruction as Guerrilla, plenty of ammo on stock to use your toys, and even the ability to rebuild things you've broken to destroy again. Armageddon was a much welcomed sequel after playing Guerrilla, IMO.