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Games that you'll never uninstall.

#1Nineteen99Posted 10/22/2013 1:26:29 PM
Topic. What are the games you love so much, and still play, that you will never uninstall from your computer? For me, it's the Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age: Origins/Awakening, and Crysis 1/Warhead.
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#2Ch3wyPosted 10/22/2013 1:26:51 PM
All of them. I'm going to just keep buying new hard drives.
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#3HydroCannabinolPosted 10/22/2013 1:29:36 PM
Used to be StarCraft:BroodWar but now it's StarCraft2.

I'm sure there will always be people playing too and servers running, which is the best part. 24/7/365
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#4KillerTrufflePosted 10/22/2013 1:30:56 PM
The games I keep going back to lately are Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance and DOTA 2. GalCiv 2 is another one that tends to have a permanent home for me, although we'll see once GalCiv 3 comes out...
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#5PepsiWithCokePosted 10/22/2013 1:34:07 PM
Team Fortress 2
Total Extreme Wrestling 2013
NASCAR Racing 2003 Season
Civilization V
#6Digital StormPosted 10/22/2013 1:34:09 PM
I always keep going back to EVE Online.
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#7wizardmonPosted 10/22/2013 1:37:49 PM(edited)
Mungyo dance 3
Dwarf Fortress
World of Tanks
Worms Reloaded (I wish World Party had easy working multiplayer that I could join my steam friends on, otherwise I'd have that instead)

Digital Storm posted...
I always keep going back to EVE Online.

I really wish I could, but after spending nearly 380$ on it and playing for a few years I realized that since I didn't do PVP at all and had essentially maxed out my PVE needs I was paying for a IRC chat room where I station traded and ran missions against really dumb AI with a very overpowered ship.

I remember getting bored enough where I started doing level four missions in assault frigates in lowsec space just because I could (and that's where the quality 20 agents where) but that stopped being a thing when agent quality was removed.
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#8fatboy44Posted 10/22/2013 1:35:08 PM
Crysis 1/Warhead
Sonic Allstars Racing
Command and Conquer: TFD
#9Orestes417Posted 10/22/2013 1:35:45 PM
Can't think of any specific games that I'd literally never uninstall but it's a fairly sure bet that you'll always find some version of Battlefield, a copy of WoW and Quake 3 arena on my system on a given day
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#10samurai1900Posted 10/22/2013 1:36:09 PM
Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic and Diablo II have all been part of last four computers, same install and all.

Never die.
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