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Good FPS vs Bad FPS (Lets list out the good ones)

#1dioxxysPosted 10/22/2013 10:24:36 PM
There are too many bad FPS games nowadays. The only thing they seem to be good at is their multiplayer sections but their single player campaigns suck. They have have bad level designs and lack of weapon variety.

If you want to take the time heres an excellent video by totalbiscuit pointing out how FPS have regressed:

Lets list out GOOD FPS with:
-Good level design with the purpose of making you find the ammo you need
-Healthpacks instead of health regen
-no ADS
-lots of unique weapons

-Shadow Warrior classic redux
-Half-life 1/2
-Bioshock 1
-Turok Evolution
#2Tyranius2Posted 10/22/2013 10:25:20 PM
Bioshock had ADS
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#3Carbon_DeoxxysPosted 10/22/2013 10:26:00 PM
Tyranius2 posted...
Bioshock had ADS

well it was very optional you could play the entire game without it
#4NicodimusPosted 10/22/2013 10:26:38 PM
UT 2004 is the greatest FPS of all time.
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#5DerPancakePosted 10/22/2013 10:29:18 PM
"Can you remember the last first person shooter that was released in modern times that was like that"? (getting attacked in the first few seconds)

Yes, Call of Duty: World at War.
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#6DerPancakePosted 10/22/2013 10:41:47 PM(edited)
TotalBiscuits point is dumb...

He is comparing a fictional fps to a military fps, why didn't he compare it to Borderlands?

Sorry but in this video all his rants made TB look like an ignorant fool.
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#7jake-sfPosted 10/22/2013 10:49:38 PM
Turok Evolution? Never played it, heard nothing but awful things about it.

Turok 1 and 2 were great, though.

Blood, Deus Ex, Doom 1-2, Duke Nukem 3D, Heretic, Hexen 1-2, Quake 1-2, Strife, System Shock 2, Unreal 1...

When FPS were good, yeah.
#8KelysticPosted 10/22/2013 11:32:48 PM
Good: Republic Commando.
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#9CatToyPosted 10/22/2013 11:34:34 PM
Turok Evolution was decent, not great, not bad.

I agree World at War was very good.
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#10TimePharaohPosted 10/22/2013 11:38:47 PM
DerPancake posted...
Sorry but in this video all his rants made TB look like an ignorant fool.

So...all his videos?
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