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Name a Game youd love to see developed

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3 years ago#31
a proper rainbow 6 game and not a crappy consolised version
3 years ago#32
NfuzedXGamer posted...
Ya i dont know why pokemon isnt on pc,.. its weird.

there is the pokemon online tcg.not made by nintendo but is authorized by them
3 years ago#33
Mother 4 (of course!)

Ninja Gaiden 4 (direct sequel to the NES games)

Jumping Flash 3 (just update the graphics)
3 years ago#34
clowning posted...
A MOO game...that doesn't suck like MOO3. One that returns to the roots of the game and the genre, building more sophisticated AI, more sophisticated AI diplomacy, etc. It will never happen, unfortunately. We will only get 4x games that suck more and more, like Endless Space, Civ 5, etc.

Hey, GalCiv 2 did a pretty solid job of capturing what made MOO2 great, and even expanding on it by letting you create your own ship designs and stuff. We'll see if they can keep it up with GalCiv 3.
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