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Do for an upgrade?

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2 years ago#1
I've been away from the technology side of things since I bought this rig which feels like a long time ago. Anyway here's my current specs.

i5 2500K(Stock Speeds, never overclocked, willing to try)
8 Gigs Ram
Vista 64 Bit
1280 MB GTX 570
Biostar TP67B+ Mobo(Cheap POS)

Maxing out Battlefield 4 Multiplayer would definitely be a goal of mine when upgrading. I did "Can You Run It" and it put me just over the MInimum which I found hard to believe.

So I want to upgrade, but not sure if the time is right. I was thinking I could get a nice GPU right now, and overclock my i5, but my Mobo is a cheap piece of .... and my ram is cheap as well so I don't think that would hold up to well for overclocking. Though I have little experience with overclocking.

Also....are new GPU's coming out soon? With the new consoles just about to hit market I'm sure it would be wise to wait and get the next best thing, so is there any info on the next best GPU's or is it still hush hush?

Budget.....probably about $1000.

My audio set up is fine, my kb/m is fine, monitor is fine, case is fine, psu is good, probably just need mobo, gpu, cpu, ram, hdd, and a small ssd for gaming. I think my current HDD is on it's way out I've had it for 6 years now, probably a good idea to get a back up going.

Any info or thoughts appreciated. I've been here for a while, just out of the loop.
2 years ago#2
Overclock your CPU, replace the GTX 570 and you'll be all set, although it should still play BF4 fine (just not at the highest settings). I don't think you need to replace anything else.
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2 years ago#3
Completely new build time.
2 years ago#4
it's due not do. english 101
2 years ago#5
Vs1991 posted...
it's due not do. english 101

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2 years ago#6
Just upgrade the GPU. The i5 is a totally fine CPU.
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2 years ago#7
it's due not do. english 101

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2 years ago#8
SpellFAQs? Ok I'm tired just got out of work, I'm sure I missed a comma in there somewhere too, please, opinions on the matter at hand?
2 years ago#9
I'd say your not due yet.

Give it another year.
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2 years ago#10
if he wants to OC won't he have to change/upgrade his MOBO?

Other than that I agree that you should get a 770ti or something and you should be set.
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