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LOL This is just funny to me.

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User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#12
reminds of when a game got leaked online and it was just lots of gay porn. cant remember what game it was.

User Info: Kosba_2142

3 years ago#13
lionheart5656 posted...
DiehardFFv2 posted...
Kokuei05 posted...
I just found out isohunt got shutdown recently after looking for the torrent. Couldn't find it.

I could have sworn isohunt shutdown way back in 2012 out of fear back when the feds nabbed Kim Dotcom from NZ.

The hilarious part is that Kim came back with a totally revamped version of what he had.

Also, this story is hilarious but no different then when people downloaded 16 kb song files on limewire expecting a full song.

Sorta, except the size in this case wasn't too unreasonable, more so the morons who decided to be themselves.
CATS. That's about it honestly...

User Info: Mega_Tyrant

3 years ago#14
Bludgeo'd for hammer...
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User Info: electroflame

3 years ago#15
Could be worse, they could have been American givers and you would have been smothered in small pox. -fakenamefignuts on Indian-Giving.
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  3. LOL This is just funny to me.

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