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AMD R9-290x reviews are out (faster than Titan at half the price)

#81BuburibonPosted 10/24/2013 1:51:46 PM
LostHisHardcore posted...

Yep, it's settled. That is, until Maxwell takes back the crown for Nvidia... and so on, and so forth.
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#82AnnihilatedPosted 10/24/2013 2:05:59 PM
Wow, hats off to AMD for finally coming through after a year and a half of letting nVidia charge whatever the hell they please. I knew they were ripping us off but until now I had no idea how badly. I have a feeling though that nVidia are still determined NOT to price competitively, given their three-game offer that's coming up on 10/28 in lieu of any reasonable price drop. I actually was thinking about grabbing the 770, but I have more than enough Steam games in my backlog as it is, so I'll probably just get the 290x instead. Sorry nVidia, you got greedy.
#83fire2boxPosted 10/24/2013 2:17:06 PM
R9-290x + Mantle = Nvdia dead
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