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Headset,GPU advice?

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3 years ago#1
The Logitech G930s are on sale for $90.00 and i have a gift card which will slash it down to $70.
there's mixed reviews and I cant decide whether to jump in or not. Does anybody here have these headsets? like your input on this please. Should i just save up and buy a soundcard and Audio-Technica/Sennheiser headphones and clip on mic lol

Another question at what price is the GTX 580 worth now? I'm thinking about selling my 580 and use the money to take a chunk off to upgrade to a 780 ti. Will a i5 2500k be sufficient for 780ti? Will it bottleneck? am i even using the right word here?
Steam ID: ChopperDave21
3 years ago#2
If I was you I would buy some headphones and a mic to modify it so I can attach it to my headphone for a cheaper alternative instead of buying a mic like a Modmic for an example. Don't really need 5-7 drivers in each ear cup in the headset and the quality of sound ain't that great but it depends a lot on what you're actually using it for and also sound cards can provide surround sound set up like a 5.1 or 7.1 headset.

Anyways it depends on your budget and how much you are willing to spend and if your not satisfied the first time then you'll just regret the purchase that'll lead to you getting a refund hopefully and buying something else again.
Steam ID: Bomasa
3 years ago#3
real headphones and something like a Blue Snowball
3 years ago#4
I had the G930's and have mixed feelings about it
+ The wireless worked very well and had a decent range
+ The ease of an all-in-one solution with mic, headphones and it does it's own audio-processing

- I do not like having to deal with batteries in general, and the batteries deteriorated in a couple of years of heavy use.
- It is mostly made out of plastic. It will not break very easy, but it is not nearly as sturdy as some headphones that are available.
-There are better options out there is terms of sound, though it was very decent.

I went with headphone , soundcard and mic and am much happier with it. More freedom to choose the look a and quality of those parts. Easy to get a much better mic than what comes on most headsets, and overall better sound even with a cheap soundcard.

I would say that the 2500k is still good enough for the 780ti. While you will see improvements in performance by upgrading, upgrading that CPU is not yet necessary. I would wait at least another generation.
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3 years ago#5
That Modmic attachment thing is perfect! and I'm looking for sound quality like hearing bass go off when something explodes in a Battlefield game and hearing gunfire effects that sound clean and crisp and also i would like to use it for horror games too. I find wearing headphones adds lots of tension.

Playing Indie games with great soundtracks like FTL and FEZ,Hotline..etc. I enjoy Limbo for its background sounds. All around gamer that plays anything. Just wanna get great sound and I'm pretty picky when it comes to minor things especially knowing there's a better way to experience it that goes along with my budget. So I'm guessing maybe it wouldn't last long with the G930S.

I'm pretty much aiming for single player games and sitting back chatting on skype with friends...Not really a online competitive the clear sounds of foot steps is not really a big deal for me but i guess it will come in the package too.which will be great. Well looks like I'm going to hold off buying anything till November for the deals and specials or something.

Now i gotta research on a soundcard and look for the perfect headphones. I think a budget of $200 will be sufficient enough this year's November upgrade. Which will be based on audio.. Next summer is gonna be GPU upgrade. Great to hear ill be alright till next gen when it comes to the CPU.. Thanks guys!

P.s i think i slaughter grammar big time in this english is not...really you say?really good looking..
Steam ID: ChopperDave21
3 years ago#6
There is a site dedicated to audio and other stuff, just go on their forums and look around.
Steam ID: Bomasa
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