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Ride to Hell: Retribution on sale on Steam!

#11xanthan1Posted 10/24/2013 8:16:31 PM(edited)
jfloydLunar posted...
TimePharaoh posted...
jfloydLunar posted...
Okay, but seriously, I don't get how this game is still on Steam, it's got a whopping 16/100 metacritic score, why anyone would buy it is beyond me.

Probably because Steam is a store, and it's unlikely the developer would go "oh, my game got a bad score guess I don't want to sell it anymore"

I thought Steam had like some sort of policy after that one game, War Z or something?

If they don't, then whatever, I was wrong, call the police, someone is wrong on the internet.

It's a horrible game, if people want to buy it to get a good laugh, I suppose it would be worth it, but yeah, it's pretty awful.

War Z was different, it had a bit of whats know as "False Advertising" on its store page provided by developers on top of being ****. Ride to Hell is bad, but isn't doing any illegal.

Also get it as a gag gift for someone, they might enjoy it for 5 minutes. Or get them Bad Rats and enjoy them never enjoying it because that game is literally broken. A physics based puzzle game where the physics just random work differently for no reason at all.