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Recommendations For a New Headset?

#1Cursedsasuke176Posted 10/24/2013 8:33:24 PM
So it seems the pair of Astro A40s that i have had for over 3 years now have finally thrown in the towel. Lately, i have been hearing reports from friends over skype that my mic makes an atrocious static noise, and nothing i have tried has stopped it. I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but bottom line, I'm in the market for a new headset.

For price range, i would prefer under $100 is possible. Obviously it needs to have a mic, and at least decent audio quality, but otherwise I'm not going to be too picky. I'd also highly prefer if i could use the headset for my xbox 360 via my astro mixamp, but i guess this isn't absolutely necessary(who plays xbox anymore anyway?) I've heard good things about the Siberia Steelseries V2, are those good?

Thank you in advance for any recommendations!
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