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Risen 2 worth 4.99?

#11DV8ingSourcesPosted 10/26/2013 7:04:42 PM
I enjoyed Risen 2 a lot more than warband. Found warband incredibly monotonous and quite unstructured (which is a plus for some I admit). Risen 2 has clunky combat sure but, all gothic games do and there's a certain charm to being able to master the little eccentricities. The islands you explore are interesting and for the most part exploring is rewarding.

I'm definitely a bit biased as I love tropical settings but risen 2 was a joy to explore. There aren't too many pirate games out there and this one hits enough good notes to warrant a 5 dollar purchase. Just know that its very much like gothic and its predecessor, in that its slower paced combat with very dire consequences for entering certain new areas too early. There is 0 scaling and that big dark cave may very well have a monster that will rip you apart in 1 hit early on.

I didn't experience any real bugs with the game aside from some achievements not unlocking. They added in dodging since its release and that helps combat a lot. Get it if you like hardcore unforgiving rpg's.
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