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Warning others of new ransomware Virus "Cryptolocker" going around.

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2 years ago#41
I'm glad I don't ever download attachments. Hell, I rarely check my e-mails as it is. I can understand if it is a 'drive by' virus and your work involves the need to receive attachments. I wonder if it's transferred from someone that gets infected and it sends it out to people in their e-mail address book (like some spam viruses do). Would make a lot of sense to have it do that - people trust those who they know after all.

It's always best to keep a backup on an external drive of your important files so you can just nuke the hard drive if you get a virus on it or just get a new one and throw the infected one to the depths of the ocean if formatting it doesn't work.
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2 years ago#42
HanfengLin posted...
JKatarn posted...
exclusiveburner posted...
This does sound quite nasty. I'm not worried I'd get this virus because I rarely download stuff, and never open random exe's, but I should back up all my stuff. I did get a BSOD a few days ago out of no where...

I wouldn't worry, the only people that get this are those dim enough to download and run EXEs disguised as PDFs within a ZIP file attached to an e-mail.

Uh, actually. If this is the ransomware I'm thinking of, this was a drive-by virus.

That being, you could ignore all the PDF.EXE you want and you'll STILL get it if you run across the virus.

Drive by virus? Is that a term for virus that's infected a website?
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2 years ago#43
I'd think that Noscript and the COMODO firewall would be enough to protect you from it.
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  3. Warning others of new ransomware Virus "Cryptolocker" going around.

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