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Looking at your steam list. Is there any games where you don't know how they got

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User Info: Abiz_

3 years ago#1
there? Just noticed I have Crysis 2. I have no clue how I got that game.
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User Info: Talks

3 years ago#2
Spiral Knights was really the only one out of 200+ where I was like WHERE THE F*** DID YOU COME FROM?

Still not entirely clear on why I have it, but posts on the steam forum gave me an inkling

User Info: redrum187

3 years ago#3
^i have spiral knights listed as well it seems it's because of a free item in total war:shogun 2 which i got for free from a amd promotion in 2011.
i still haven't found what i'm looking for...

User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#4
Just a few days ago I was thinking "Woah, I have Manhunt? I gotta replay that sometime". I have the boxed version, so... Someone most have put it in my library. Yup, that's definitely it.
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User Info: VIP86

3 years ago#5
Alot of games from Humble Bundle.

User Info: DragonRaizen

3 years ago#6
A couple. Mostly strategy games... I suck at those.
Europa Universalis 3 Complete
Leviathan Warships... I think that one was from a HumbleBundle I didn't bother registering the rest of.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#7
Top Right corner, click on "(name)'s Account" and go to account details.... then from there, click on "Licenses + subscriptions" or "Store Transactions"... if it's not on either of those then you must have traded someone for it or something...actually, I think it shows up as "gift/guest pass" if you didn't buy it and someone gave or traded it to you...

If I bought it it shows 'Steam store', if I bought it somewhere besides steam's store it says 'retail'. If it was a gift it says 'gift/guest pass' and if it was a freebie somehow it says 'Complimentary'.

That pretty much explains how everything I own got there...

Occasionally I'll forget that I bought a game during a sale though... last time that happened was Bulletstorm. I bought it when it went really cheap and then forgot about it (I still haven't played it yet).

User Info: DV8ingSources

3 years ago#8
Caught myself going through my list once in a while and seeing a game I had no idea I picked up, some of which were games I was thinking of buying again due to a sale. Once I started doing that, I've bought a lot less games on impulse.
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