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First Steam Game?

#71GrendusPosted 10/26/2013 8:09:27 PM
Orange box, 2009. I didn't like this Steam thingy that I had to install. Thought it was a cheap piece of crap DRM with some built in sales gimmick designed to harvest information for a quick buck.

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#72BlackWizardMagusPosted 10/26/2013 8:12:05 PM
About 23 games with this last summer sale, really. Well, technically, it's Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, but I bought that directly from Stardock, expecting to use the old Impulse system, only to discover they had phased it out and I had to use Steam.
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#73gadragodPosted 10/26/2013 8:34:42 PM
My friends dad bought a new graphics card and received a voucher for Half-life 2 when he got it, but he didn't want it. He gave it to me and I lost my life for two weeks. Couldn't. Stop. Playing. I think this was back in '01 or '02.
#74singhellotakuPosted 10/26/2013 8:40:42 PM
Half life 2, which I believe was the first steam game period
#75AceallwaysPosted 10/26/2013 8:49:13 PM
Half Life 2 at release.
#76silverine1Posted 10/26/2013 8:55:14 PM
Super Meat Boy for me
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#77Rage_MPosted 10/26/2013 8:57:26 PM
The Orange Box on Oct 22, 2007
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#78kiahPosted 10/26/2013 8:59:50 PM
Sacred: Gold

Very old fashioned and still one of my favorite games.
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#79NocturneD85Posted 10/26/2013 9:04:36 PM
Half-life 2 back in the day
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#80LeonSK357Posted 10/26/2013 9:09:43 PM
The Orange Box. I had an account before (only for CS1.6) which got VAC banned for some stupid reason so I decided to start fresh. Had my current account ever since <3
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