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Choose 1 of these?

#1DerPancakePosted 10/26/2013 6:55:22 PM
#1 -


#2 -
you do know that the ps4 has ddr5 ram right? with the speed that the ps4s ram downloads at it would only take a few seconds to download killzone
#2blakegallowayPosted 10/26/2013 6:57:47 PM
Could I get #1 with #2's airbrushing?
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#3daemon_danPosted 10/26/2013 7:00:36 PM
Number 2 with less makeup, please
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#4LoshadtPosted 10/26/2013 7:08:09 PM
1 easily.
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#5jakisthePosted 10/26/2013 7:20:59 PM(edited)
That wall comp is pretty wacky, I gotta say. I envy the people who have the equipment needed to make that kinda stuff.
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#6GTRagnarokPosted 10/26/2013 7:14:49 PM

What's so special about pink star earrings?
#7self-immolationPosted 10/26/2013 8:38:49 PM
#2 because #1 is just ridiculous and way too much surface area
#8DiehardFFv2Posted 10/26/2013 8:42:22 PM
This is tough to call without being able to see the rest of #2. I've known several females that would look amazing standing behind a counter top and then when you see the lower half it just drops in quality, quick.
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#9Kokuei05Posted 10/26/2013 8:43:50 PM
Misa Campo
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#10BomasaPosted 10/26/2013 9:21:57 PM
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