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2 years ago#1
#1 -


#2 -
you do know that the ps4 has ddr5 ram right? with the speed that the ps4s ram downloads at it would only take a few seconds to download killzone
2 years ago#2
Could I get #1 with #2's airbrushing?
Sometimes death comes knocking.
Sometimes it tears down the walls.
2 years ago#3
Number 2 with less makeup, please
"Frightened by your own smell. Bitterness will run you through."
~In Flames: Bullet Ride
2 years ago#4
1 easily.
Russian is my first language, so yes there may be a spelling error or two.
Kirino is best girl.
2 years ago#5
That wall comp is pretty wacky, I gotta say. I envy the people who have the equipment needed to make that kinda stuff.
-Why is there yogurt in this cap?!
-It used to be milk, but, well, time makes fools of us all. (cookie for reference)::160 cookies given thus far::
(edited by jakisthe)
2 years ago#6

What's so special about pink star earrings?
2 years ago#7
#2 because #1 is just ridiculous and way too much surface area
2 years ago#8
This is tough to call without being able to see the rest of #2. I've known several females that would look amazing standing behind a counter top and then when you see the lower half it just drops in quality, quick.
Intel i5 3570k | Sapphire r9 280x | 8GB DDR3 | 256GB SSD | 3TB HDD
2 years ago#9
Misa Campo
Girls are scary.
2 years ago#10
Steam ID: Bomasa
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