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Are there any "newb friendly" tutorial guides for Civ 5? Its overwhelming.

#21MahoganyTooth92Posted 10/28/2013 3:23:16 AM
TC, I'd advise you to click the little parchment thing down near the map and enable the bottom 3 options. Those visualize the ingame resources on each tile.
Food is necessary for your city to grow.
Hammers is how fast you produce stuff.
Gold is self-explanatory.
Sometimes there are science boosts that can be very useful.

Every citizen (The number on the left side of the town bar that appears) can work one patch of ground. Therefore, you need an area with a lot of food around to grow properly. The more culture you have the quicker your borders grow.

Also, the game really isn't hard to get to grips with if you just play it for a while. I've learned how to play without any outside help and that's something I think adds to the experience.
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