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Need some suggestions for a PC build

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3 years ago#1
Something that can play TF2 and Final Fantasy IV (or whatever the new mmo one is). Mainly for word processing, etc, but enough umph for those games. Target budget is around six hundred or so, can probably add another one hundred. OS isn't much of a problem.

Thanks in advance guys.
3 years ago#2
Take a look at this, for example:
500% overkill for word processing, but will handle any game nicely.
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3 years ago#3
Killer deal on the RAM.

However what would the advantage of getting a Radeon R9 270X be over getting a 7870 Ghz for a cheaper price of $175 and two free games?

I thought they were essentially the same card performance wise. Does the R9 270X have some sort of performance tweak?
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3 years ago#4
Thanks guys, very good build. Would be open for further suggestions.
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