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Not sure where to post this (Chrome)

#11MrBombasticaIPosted 10/29/2013 4:05:36 AM
TheSchref posted...
MrBombasticaI posted...
TheSchref posted...
MrBombasticaI posted...
Definitely not normal. Back up any settings you may want, saved passwords and stuff, and reinstall Chrome. Then if it fails again, try FireFox.

Yep, I don't know what can be wrong. I'm a new Firefox user!

Thanks anyway guys.

I wouldn't just switch based on one bad glitch, but i'm a FF user and I love it. It's faster than Chrome on my computer, Chrome is slightly slower to start and load some pages. Overall I prefer FF though, love the layout of it.

Normally I would spend time to figure out what the problem is, but I really don't care which browser I'm using. If I was forced to use IE, that would be a different story.

Oh yeah, being forced to use IE would require some serious bug-solving. I don't care how desperate I am to have a broswer, I ain't using IE unless I'm installing another browser. Hell, I'd rather use my ipad than IE.
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