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My computer keeps freezing...

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User Info: 50inchDLP

3 years ago#11
well then just remove the computer from the ice box! -contains my Dreamcast project of putting HD vids of each US game up.

User Info: Treason686

3 years ago#12
someflamablekid posted...
I was having a similar "hiccuping, freezing" whatever you wanna call it issue. Nvidia's graphics drivers seemed to be the issue. I rolled back to 314.22 and it seems better now. Granted my HDD wasn't making clicking noises. But it might be worth a shot if you've recently updated your drivers.

Not worth a shot. If the HDD is clicking, that thing is on its last leg.
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User Info: StormKMD

3 years ago#13
Yeah it's all packaged up to go back to Seagate. Saves me ~$50
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