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Everyone talks about Half-Life's story. What about a game called Cold Winter?

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  3. Everyone talks about Half-Life's story. What about a game called Cold Winter?
3 years ago#1
I enjoy the Half-Life series, great games but the story (which I usually don't care about in game) I don't really get it 100% Gets convoluted. Could be my lack of enjoying stories in games and just play for game play???

But I played Cold Winter back in 2006 I believe and the game has an excellent story, especially for a shooter. Being a PS2 game is probably why it didn't get any attention, but it's story was well done. And it's also a very solid shooter to boot with a lot of variety in weapons, puzzles and gadgets.

I wish they would re release it on PC and update the visuals and sell it for about $19.99-$29.99 It would be a fantastic deal.
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3 years ago#2
Don't actually know Cold Winter, but the Half-Life story isn't convoluted, it's just not laid out cleanly. If you read the Half Life Saga Guide or whatever it's called, it's very interesting but relatively straightforward.
3 years ago#3
I remember playing Cold Winter and loving it. Definitely a game I remember from the PS2 era.
3 years ago#4
A lot of the issues with the timeline of the story are the giant gaps between the games and how other games fit into the same universe like portal. But if you don't analyze them that much then each game is understandable from a basic level.

Aliens invade, take over, humans are slaves, water supply is filled with a toxin that sterilizes humanity to keep them from breeding, aliens trying to reopen portal to their world, etc , etc.
3 years ago#5
I looked up the story on wiki they state some of the information but not all of it. basically...

a guy who fought in WWII didn't like the horrors of nuclear war, so he dedicated his life to stopping nuclear terror. So he created an organization dedicated to using a nuclear winter to scare people away from nuclear war. The device marked "octopus" was deemed to be a super weapon. they're plan was to allow them to be stolen by terrorist and sold to world powers to the highest bidder.

But what "octopus" really does is makes the nuclear weapons that the world has stored in their silos detonate, thus causing a nuclear winter.

that's just the cliff notes. It's got a lot more going on that is too long to type. Great game. I think people should try it out.
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3 years ago#6
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  3. Everyone talks about Half-Life's story. What about a game called Cold Winter?

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