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What mousepad do you use?

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User Info: LostHisHardcore

3 years ago#71
I don't use a mouse pad anymore
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User Info: Xanity

3 years ago#72
Freakwave003 posted...
Steelseries QcK. It's good and didn't cost much.


User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
3 years ago#73
some one I copped from target for like 3 dollars.
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3 years ago#74
gldoorii posted...
You guys still use a mouse with a ball? Or am I missing why I should be using a mouse pad?

Honestly there are plenty of reasons to use a mousepad. For me personally
-My desk surface is uneven
-My desk surface would destroy my mouse-feet in a matter of weeks
-My mouse sensor has trouble tracking on my desk surface
-My desk surface does not provide the balance of glide and grip I am looking for
-While using a mousemat is silent, using the desk makes an awful scratching sound that I can not stand
-A mousemat enables me to use the same surface wherever I am (LANs etc.).
-One of my cats naps on the mousemat.
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