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I want to upgrade my GPU instead of buying a new console, but my CPU might...

#41reincarnator07Posted 10/31/2013 10:39:31 AM
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Your setup will run BF4 decently, but if you want an improvement, just upgrade the video card, your CPU is fine.
Ignore Mangorush, he trollin'.

His CPU is fine? Lmao..yea, nice advice there, broski. Don't listen to him, TC. You're going to also need to replace that CPU as well because 2.8ghz isn't going to cut unless you don't mind your fps being all over the place that will cause your game to feel stuttery.

Guess PS4 won't cut it either with less than 2ghz.
1.6 was it?

The funny thing is, developers make sure they optimize their game on it to keep it from stuttering unlike the mess that's going on in the PC version right now, hows that working out for ya, snookie?

All the optimization in the world doesn't help when you're that deficient in power.
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#42SuperemppuPosted 10/31/2013 11:05:03 AM
Which works on the 7000 series of cards.
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