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Do you consider yourself a "nerd"?

#61lostsymphonyPosted 10/31/2013 10:24:33 AM
I voted no but I'm somewhere in between I guess..I like 'nerdy' things but not many of them, and I don't really associate with anyone else that plays video games or is a 'nerd'.
#62JartenPosted 10/31/2013 10:26:06 AM
Define what you think a nerd is. Because if you think all nerds need to be Trekkies, or programmers then I'm not one.
#63LoshadtPosted 10/31/2013 10:29:31 AM
Not really, I'm decent with computers and I like video games, but I'm not a hardcore fan of anything and I hate activities that require me to think excessively or read.
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#64Miguelito4988Posted 10/31/2013 10:59:26 AM
I obsess over the things I like so yeah I'm a nerd.
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#65kalakdrinPosted 10/31/2013 11:00:40 AM
Lonestar2000 posted...
Anyone who posts on GameFAQs is a nerd.
#66Razorback71854Posted 10/31/2013 11:41:18 AM
I think the general populous would consider me a nerd. Mainly because I am tech savvy and I like Star Trek.

However, I'm not extremely knowledgeable of any of the 'nerdy' subjects. For example, everything I know about comic book heroes comes from movies/tv shows.. I've never read any comic books.

I am a bit anti-social and introverted though.
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#67KOTRwhoopsPosted 10/31/2013 11:44:55 AM
Closet nerd. My love of games gets kept quiet in other social circles. I do have many other interests and passions though.
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#68macmahon187Posted 10/31/2013 11:45:13 AM
My wife thinks so, but with all the drugs and partying I did in my twenties I think I broke a few barriers of
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#69macmahon187Posted 10/31/2013 11:45:31 AM
The stereotype
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#70KOTRwhoopsPosted 10/31/2013 11:45:50 AM
DARQ MX posted...
You should of put "inner" nerd. Basically has the inside of a nerd but no appearance of an actual nerd but does like nerd things like would wear a skyrim shirt etc.

This sums me up really.
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