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Do you consider yourself a "nerd"?

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2 years ago#81
I was going to ask you to define what nerd would be in this scenario. However, I realized that my question most likely puts me into the category I want defined.

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2 years ago#82
Yes I do, and I don't care.
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2 years ago#83
renzsweet posted...
I might be an oddball nerd. I do everything from dressing up with my wife and kids to going to comiccon and building pcs. However, I was also a record-setting athlete in high school, going out for olympic training. I did work for NASA, but also am a war vet. I might fit in multiple categories, lol.

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2 years ago#84
I've never actually given it much thought. I know a decent amount about computers, I play pretty much any type of game out there, I'm heavily into space, astronomy and so forth. Honestly, if I were to have a label, I'd not want to be a nerd.

I just don't think I can be labelled.
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2 years ago#85
I guess I'm a nerd. Even though I play videogames, pen&paper RPGs, don't follow sports (RL or esports), I'm physically unfit etc I feel that my attitude towards the things I do isn't the same as the nerd stereotype. If you watched all the Hollywood movies depicting nerds then lived a month with me I think the experiences would be different even if the lifestyle can superficially seem similar. I don't feel any connection or camaraderie with other people generally thought of as nerds and I'm probably more than just eccentric "tinkerer".

I also don't find the distinction between nerds and not-nerds very important or useful. I guess it's some fashion and shallow genre thing as beyond that I don't see why people would think whether they or their actions are nerdy or not. The differences between nerdy activities and not nerdy ones seems pretty trivial.

And lastly the definition of nerd seems pretty board making the distinction even less useful (and I still don't really understand the difference between geeks and nerds and why it is important). I spend all of my free time "obsessing" over "intellectual" hobbies but while not physically attractive I'm not socially awkward, I'd never say things such as "I like science fiction/fantasy literature" and so on.
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