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PC gamers, what's your favorite console?

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2 years ago#11

2 years ago#12
5:Sega CD (love me some lunar games)

Honestly, you could switch most of these around in their places, i positioned them in a form of what i had the most jrpg's on with the exception of the genesis, since phantasy star 4 is my all-time favorite game), since the only reason i still use consoles is for jrpg's.
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2 years ago#13
most consoles that didn't try to be miniature PCs in disguise... eg. anything before xbox came out but most notably ps1 and 2.
PC hardware doesn't need to match console hardware in price when PC gamers save literal thousands from the software they buy.
2 years ago#14
1. Dreamcast
2. Mega drive/genesis
3. GameCube
4. Ps2
5. Ps1
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2 years ago#15
SNES. I've clocked more hours on an SNES then I have everything after combined probably.
2 years ago#16
Other: PS2

1) PS2
3) PS1
4) GameCube
5) NES
2 years ago#17
2. Genesis
3. NES
4. Playstation
5. Playstation 3
6. Dreamcast
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2 years ago#18
...Does the current gen not exist or something?
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2 years ago#19
My current one is my 3DS because that's the only console I own, and I keep it just for Pokemon.

My favorite console of all time would be my PS2 because that's what I played before I discovered the master race.
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2 years ago#20
PS2, hands down.
NES, you'll always have a special place in my heart but the PS2's library wins it.
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