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PC gamers, what's your favorite console?

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3 years ago#41
PS2. Greatest console of all time
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3 years ago#42
1. Gamecube
2. N64
3. PS2
4. Wii
5. X360

Not really counting PS1 etc because I didn't actually have them, plus they just roll onto PS2
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3 years ago#43
Has to be the ps1. So many great jrpg's and some hidden gems like king's field 2. Hell even gran turismo 1 impressed me back then. Oh how far we've come in some ways and fallen in others.
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3 years ago#44
xbox 360.
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3 years ago#45
gameboy advance. it had all the best snes games ported, and was the ultimate in backwards compatibility. it had excellent nes/sms/gg emulators too (though you can't really count them)
3 years ago#46
Sega Saturn is my all time fav. Followed by Dreamcast, SNES, and n64.
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3 years ago#47
SNES easily.
THey stopped being consoles with the original Xbox, and started being gimpy PC's.
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3 years ago#48
daftpunk_mk5 posted...
...Does the current gen not exist or something?

Current gen may as well be PC, as that's all they are, gimpy PC's with a handful of exclusives.
The PS2 gen and all the ones previous had a huge library of games that weren't on PC.
Console war in a nutshell:
3 years ago#49
PS2 was the best console ever this list fails hard by not including it as an option.
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3 years ago#50
voted gamecube
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